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Back and Neck Pain.

Research figures show that more of the UK population will experience back pain and neck pain at some time in their lives. Every year some 40% of people in the UK experience it. The frightening thought is that this figure is on the increase. Although it can be very painful indeed, most back and neck pain is not serious. It is possible to strain your back or neck by overdoing it e.g. by heavy lifting or by an unaccustomed amount of exercises. The muscle will often spasm as result causing quite a lot of pain. Despite this, it is important to keep relatively active. Lying on your back for extended periods will actually stiffen up your spine and is likely to make  the pain last for longer. If pain persists, or symptoms are not improving ,it is important to get your back thoroughly examined. The good news is that something can be done .Recent research has show that the vast majority of people suffering from back and neck pain respond positively to an appropriate regime of manual therapy followed by massage or an exercises program. This is the most effective way to alleviate back pain in both the short and long term.


If you feel pain in your back - even if it doesn't seem too bad - get it treated as soon as possible.  


Practical tips for back pain sufferers .

  • Control your posture whenever you can

  • Remain active event during an episode of back pain

  • Avoid repetitive lifting and carrying heavy loads.

  • Avoid twisting your back ,particularly when carrying a heavy weigh

  • Use the correct technique for getting up

  • Use a good adaptable chair in the office

  • Avoid long period of time in one position

  • Get physically fit through regular exercises

  •  If you have to drive a long distance make sure that you take regular breaks and possibly including simple exercises for your back

  • Regulate your lifestyle to avoid or minimise harmful physical or mental stresses

  • Keep to regular  healthy diet and drink plenty of plain water

  • Develop good balance between related joints and muscle

  • Set aside time day for rest and relaxation

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