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RELAXATION MASSAGE A relaxation massage is a whole-body hands-on treatment that uses pressure, stroking and rubbing of your skin to help you relax. A relaxation massage relieves stress and tension in your muscles and will leave you oozing with a sense of well being.

Full Body Relaxation Massage  - 1Hour - £40

Back Neck Shoulder Massage  - 

1hour - £40

Feet and Legs Massage - 40 min - £35

Scalp and Back Relaxation Massage -40 min - £35

HOT STONE MASSAGE-A massage which uses water heated basalt stones to melt tensions, ease muscle stiffness and increase circulations. Also promotes deep muscles relaxation

Hot Stones Massage -75 min - £50

SPORT MASSAGE has developed over the years to deal with the specific conditions that the human body experiences before and after being pushed to the maximum. Sport massage is often combined with remedial massage, to assist the healing and rehabilitation of injuries and dysfunction and to facilitate movements.

Sport Massage 1 hour -£ 40

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - A massage technique that involve a sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of the muscles and connective tissues

.Deep Tissue Massage 1hour -£ 50

ENDERMOLOGIE®: the only 100% natural, non-invasive, non-aggressive mechanical skin stimulation technique that reactivates cells’ processes. Endermologie - Lipomassage is an extremely powerful, personalised treatment against cellulite and many other skin problems.

Endermologie Lipomassage 1hour -£49

Our Special Offer

Sport Massage - 3 Treatments for only £90

Deep Tissue Massage -3 Treatment for only £110

Endermologie - 10 session for only £399

Back Neck Shoulder Massage -3 Treatment for only £99

Call us Today! Deals this good don't last forever.

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